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What do ENFJs think about INFPs? (positive and negative)

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As an INFP, I was wondering what my personality type's natural partner thinks about it. For example, why do you think the INFP is listed as ENFJ's natural partner? Please be as detailed and concise as you are able, and it will be easier for me to do my best to respond in a way that is as detailed and concise as I am able to be. :)
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I love INFPs, at least if my girlfriend is any indicator. She's an INFP and when she's happy, she's a lot of fun. She's also super creative (I think that might be an INFP trait?). She's also a great listener, and she always knows what to say to cheer me up. She usually doesn't express too much emotion (or maybe I just express way too much emotion) but she's still always good at understanding my emotions. She's also very laid-back, and I love that, for some reason. There aren't really many negatives, any of the negatives are really my fault, but that isn't because of my being an ENFJ, it's more because I have depression and some serious cognitive distortions, like how I always worry she's mad at me. She's great at understanding and dealing with that though.

I'm not sure if those are all INFP traits, but I while I was writing this I was reading about INFP traits and they seem like they are. So I love INFPs :proud:
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