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What do ENFJs think about INFPs? (positive and negative)

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As an INFP, I was wondering what my personality type's natural partner thinks about it. For example, why do you think the INFP is listed as ENFJ's natural partner? Please be as detailed and concise as you are able, and it will be easier for me to do my best to respond in a way that is as detailed and concise as I am able to be. :)
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My husband is ENFJ. He says that he appreciates my intelligence, that I'm "different" from other people (not interested in the surface level and enjoy deep conversations), my having strong convictions, creativity, that I understand him and took the time to truly know him/let him be himself (not just accepting what he showed to the world), kindness toward others, honesty and loyalty.

Haha, niffer's avatar is the epitome of ENFJ. I want to cuddle it...
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