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what do ye intp's make of the 2012 mayan prophecy?

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what do ye make of the mayan prophesy? what can u tell me about the science behind it?
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My understanding is there is no actual Mayan prophesy... Just that the Mayan calendar restarts on Dec 23 2012. Alot of people have attached their own predictions to that date. The date has some astronomical significance that I don't recall.
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that was what gave me the idea to ask the question!

by the way i'm a bit computer illiterate, how do u post a link to another thread like u just did there? thanks!:laughing:
just right click on it and hit "copy", then do paste when writing your thread. I actually posted it by accident, I only intended to copy the text :)
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I kind of wonder why ancient beliefs and prophecies are so reveared. So much of our lives are goverened by very old systems of belief.
A lot of people think our present society/culture/civilization is wrong headed and romanticize other cultures/ways of living. They seem them as wiser and know things we didn't. Add in the air of mystery and the desire to see our way of living vanish things like 2012 become potent beliefs for these people.

In fact every few years there's a movement that says our way of life is about to destroy us.. Y2K / the 5/5/2000 planetary alignment (anybody remember that one?). / Peak Oil They all take some truth, and add in a lot of fantasy and most people can't separate the two.
Here's a site that lists many many other failed end-of-world prophesies:
The millennium and end-of-the-world predictions.
1 - 5 of 56 Posts
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