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In your interactions here, what do you feel that you get from it?
And what do you think you contribute to the PerC community with what you post?
I get a place to play games; be serious; support others; make online friends; tell the truth; share my stories--some of which are fictitious; be funny; share companionship to the extent one can using this medium; generate interest (others decide just what that means); welcome newcomers...

I can see, by writing without censorship, that I answered mixing what I get with what I give, which is how I see interactions: Not easily separated.

Having the illnesses, diseases, certain limitations I do are balanced by having some skills, insight and useful--some say, unusual--life experiences:

So I get and give the best possible, day to day.


Nice topic. Some of us don't want to take and not give back something worthwhile; your creating this thread gives some of us a chance to say,

"Thank you Mods, @Jennywocky -- and all who work as volunteers to make Personality Cafe a lively, diverse community."
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