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What you have said is SO honest, I've just known an infx that is like you, and this has been very helpful for me, so thanks! Once you know your flaws, you're able to change them, it's the first step, so you're not as bad as you think...

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I hate:
My oversensitivity, sometimes I wish I could just *care* less
My impatience with people who don't do things the *right* way
I can be excessively judgemental sometimes
My perfectionism... :bored:
My inability to deal with other people when I'm in "alone-time" mode
My COMPLETE inability to deal with small talk/ shallow conversation/ new people
My hatred of sudden change
How incredibly livid I get with people I find offensive or ignorant - I just can't shake off the rage!:angry:

I love:
My natural instinct for those perceive as vulnerable - I automatically gravitate towards the "protective" role, whether it be with people with disabilities, children, the elderly, or simply those at some kind of disadvantage
I am incredibly maternal and am very caring and affectionate with children
I would do absolutely anything for the people I love
I can be stubborn in a good way, sometimes, namely about causes I care about
My independence - I am very self-reliant
Good listener
I am very soft-hearted and empathise without the slightest effort
I act on my feelings and really try to *change* the things that bother me

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- My only clear direction in life is following a pipe dream of making my own cartoon series
What cartoon series? What is it about?

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What I love

My imagination

My ability to see things differently - Not thinking like others

I can turn my hand to a whole raft of things - not to expert level but not bad - Certainly I have been successful in several different areas/jobs

Never bored - there's a whole universe of things to find out about and when that's done there is all the connections between all those things! :cool:

The ability to connect to people 1:1

My humour

Listening - probably the most powerful and underated communication skill around - INFJ can take this to a level others can only dream of (if they were any good at dreaming that is!)

Being able to appreciate beautiful things at so many different levels

To be able to feel stuff (good and bad) that others can't - It's intense but at least it's living!!!!!!

To misquote Col Hannibal Smith - "I love it when an IDEA comes together" - I get a real high when something just clicks and all the strands weave seamlessly into one.

Intuitive thinking - stuff just arrives. When I am especially "up" stuff just flows and it feels so gooood, in the zone, focussed and yet relaxed

Being logical when I want/need to be but not being constrained by logic when I don't (logical/factual thinking is soooo small and limited)

Being able to see and feel when something is going wrong and flag that up. The ability to see things that could happen - to plan and think ahead

Being an INFJ man - Not many of us around! We're very special

What I am working on
Procrastination - due to so much stuff to look at/consider and sooooo little time.
Dealing with "overload" time - I can be a bit distant or snappy
I don't like being told what to do - this can really impact my motivation when it's not my idea!
Touch of the black dog sometimes - less now than when younger - exercise really helped me with this.

Life as an INFJ definately gets better with age. I think all young INFJs should be told this (unfortunately you didn't come with a manual!). You learn to play to your strengths and let experience and acquired skills help with your weaknesses. Once you start to realise just how powerful you really are a whole world of possibilities opens up.

INFJs Rock! :happy:

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Question 1: What traits do you hate about yourself?

I hate that I may still hold others to impossible standards thus becoming an overbearing force.
I hate that sometimes I over think things more than I should.
I hate that I am not as successful as I wish to be lol (with time ey?)

Question 2: What traits do you love about yourself?

I love that I really do try and understand someone's view even if I disagree with it.
I love that I can make people feel at peace / accepted (from what they tell me).
I love that I can make people smile.

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Lately, I've come to 'dislike' not hate, the fact that i can only really relate with people one on one,
when i have to relate with a group, i get so boggled in my head, and exhausted. even though I'm
going to say the same thing.
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