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What do you like better, INFPs?

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thinking about "Me" or "We" ???
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Wow, you start a lot of threads~!
I like Me better, but when refering to the INFPP society, I always use We.
Me because I'm afraid to assume, so I hardly say we.
I agree with Nasmoe. It's only usually we for me when I'm under someone else's direction e.g when telling customers at work about the company's policy and how the company works, the wonderfully flexible and customer-centred behemoth that it is.
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Oh god, probably "me", I'm such a narcissist lol.
I would probably say "we", counting me, my shadow, my imaginary friends and my few real friends (if they were with me at the time).
Me. I'm really interesting, to me. I also like my individuality a lot.
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We definitely, that doesn't completely mean no me though. There is great power in numbers. And teamwork can be a laugh.
Depends on the context, to be honest.
Me, definitely. I resort to we when it can't be done by me.
me - I'm only responsible for myself
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In my thoughts and journaling, I use "we" a lot. If you make up people to talk to, or journal to an imaginary figure, that makes sense. Did you mean about the community on personalitycafe? That is the way some people interpreted this, and I am with the "me". I've read some curious posts, that go like this "Well, typically since we're introverted, we don't get so lonely, but there ARE exceptions! I can see why you may be an introvert and at the same time experience lonesomeness."

And it makes me roll my eyes.
Me. I look out for myself first because I'm no use to "we" if I don't care of "me."
We don't know.

... jjjust kidding. :) But I do kind of think of myself as a kind of society internally, so in that sense, I guess it's kind of natural to think of both. Still, I'm really the one I'm responsible for fundamentally, and that's more enough work for one person. I can think about a society or group abstractly, but only myself intimately. Everything always starts from here.
I think about me because I have responsibilities. We is an awesomely beautiful ideal.

Edit: I really don't know how to answer this. I have to take responsibility for my own stuff so that I can be fairer to other people. But it would be cool to merge with another person--I love that graphic novel Cages.
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