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What do you think about this quote?

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Hello my INFJ fellas...

well im here to tell you a little story and ask for your opinion...

today at classes, I was having a chat with a few people...of these guys is an ENTP (I think) and then we just started talking about life...I told him that I dont like to be among big groups of people even if those peoples are friends. therefore I liked to keep my friends, family and romantic interests separeted from each the ENTP guy goes crazy, telling me how my life fail and then pretending to know how my life is, he just started telling me "your life is terrible man seriously you have failed at everything you always look on the negative side if you ever get a girlfriend and she leaves you its gonna hurt a fucking lot because you never experienced and the same with your friends, you have never experienced anything (oh rly?) tell me why do you work so hard to avoid being harmed?"

well I just replied:

2 reasons: I dont like to be betrayed...and its almost a fact that almost every person in the world is capable of betraying you, stabbing you in the back, hurting you or doing something like that...why to expose yourself to the risk, when you can avoid it completly? and also I dont feel very comfortable with a lot of people around me...

2nd Im a perfectionist..I try to set up every single piece so that my life can be as great as it can get.

well the guy only wants things to be done his way...if you dont do things his way, you are wrong and he is always right...hell I know im stubborn but at least I keep it to myself most of the times, I dont go saying "YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!! YOU MUST DO IT THIS WAY!!!" first the guy tells me that being introverted, shy and having little interest in making new friends or going to parties is wrong and that I must change that and become more sociable...secondly the guy told me

" want to create a perfect world! but its not perfect! because you are not experiencing! you just avoid and dont learn anything, because you just avoid the danger sometimes you got to confront it to learn"

I then invented a small phrase...I didnt mentioned the phrase to him, I kept it in my are the first people to get to read it...

my desire for a perfect world was not born out of a was born out of a previous broken world.

to explain the phrase...the guy pretty much told me that just because I wanted to avoid pain or bad situations...I would never learn...but the reason why I avoid such things as meeting new people or stuff like that is because THEY HAVE ALREADY BETRAYED ME BEFORE. I have already learned and thats why I do it...because I already know what happens! I think that most INFJ could relate to this...being afraid of being betrayed by anyone...because im most certain that a lot of us have gone through what are your thoughts on the phrase exactly?
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