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Sorry to hear that, the guy was out of line. I get people asking me what I'm doing after school sometimes, and then passing judgements on my lack of 'social activities'. Fuck, I'd rather stare at a wall by myself than sit in a bar with 50 drunk extraverts.

my desire for a perfect world was not born out of a was born out of a previous broken world.
On a intuitive level I like it, but you should be careful to whom you present it seeing as it's meant to be taken symbolicly I think, which is really a Introverted Intuition thing. Here's what would happen if you presented it to, let's say, an INTP:

"It's impossible for a desire to be born from anything other than your own mind. Your fantasy has been triggered by external events which gave you a desire for change, but that is different from the desire originating from the external events that triggered your fantasy. So basically your desire for a perfect world is a fantasy."

It's good you didn't tell them your quote, because depending on how well developed this ENTP's introverted thinking is that's probably what he would've said. And he'd be correct. Unfortunately for us INFJs, symbolic language always draws the short end of the stick in a real argument. :tongue:
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