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What do you think, ENTP or ENFP? All the help is aprectiated. :D

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I feel as though I fit both so much, and then again I think the two are very similar in many ways. It's really hard for me to decide whether I'm an ENTP with strong feeling characteristics or an ENFP with strong thinking characteristics.
Let's see, one thing that makes me believe I am ENTP is that I love to debate and will argue about almost anything. People see me as that one person that has to argue about everything anyone says because they believe they're right. People see me as the smart ass who always has to be right and correct people on any mistake. I'm that one person who never studies and appears to not listen, but consistently has extremely high averages on tests. My mind moves between different ideas all the time, and always goes at a fast pace. I completely lack self discipline and always need new things or I'll get bored. I am very logical in the way I think, seeing as though I am excellent at Algebra and the logical part of it, but I absolutely hate geometry! I hate making mistakes and try to constantly make everything perfect. People see me as the "nerd". I absolutely hate ignorant and stupid people.
I am great at understanding other people and have an odd essence of making people feel better just by being there. I am great at starting things but can never finish them unless I am very interested in what I am doing. I am the most hyper, talkative, and loud person you will ever meet once you get to know me. I absolutely hate having people point out my mistakes, I strive to be the "perfectionist." I am the one that is always there for people no matter what. I have a nurturing quality to me and my goal in life is to be a parent. I have very feminine ways of thinking about things and am very in touch with my feminine side( as many enfp males are). I am constantly told I should be a psychologist. I am always acting happy so that people around me don't feel sorry for me. I smile at people just to see them smile back, and when they do I get a very warm feeling inside me. I am a very romantic type of person that strives to have a "soulmate" in life. Whenever I get mad at somebody I may start cursing them out, but in the middle of that I keep saying I don't mean, because even though they deserve it I don't like the feeling of making someone feel that way. If I was asked to fight someone, I wouldn't because I know that hurting that person would hurt me more then it would them. I need people around me and need to feel appreciated by people. I hate seeing others argue about problems between them and want to stop the argument ( I hate personal problem arguments and strive to stop them, but I love theoretical debates or arguing my point on something). I absolutely hate ignorant and stupid people, but I don't tell them that they are, because I don't want to hurt their feelings. I don't like being confrontational to people I dislike as I hate the feeling of calling people names to bring them down. Even when I'm very mad at someone that I'm close to I can't just tell them to leave me alone or fuck off like most people can.
Thanks for any help y'all may give. :laughing:
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I would agree with penchant. Your description of your feeling side sounds extremely Fe.

An example: I have to argue my ENTP friend into being confrontational with me, as she will never tell me why she's mad, and it would be so easy to fix it - since it's usually crazy Ne misinterpretations - if she would just freaking tell me her assumptions before she has gotten herself worked up over them for weeks. She also tries to make people feel good about being around her - though ego hella plays into that as well.
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