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1) I ponder what happens to "this world" when we die as I don't think human beings are the center as we once thought the sun circumambulated around us--with and without shiny wings--did, and now we know the sun doesn't revolve around us.

I don't believe in "a" god or GOD as "fundamentalist Christians do"; all Christians do not believe in "a" god or GOD "up there" or "out there" or "in here" et cetera.

I wonder if we all "Go with God" but those of us who continue to be estranged from our being, are no more aware of God's presence than we ever were or ever will be, which is some people's, including some Christian's, concept of Hell.

These same people's idea of Heaven is having that awareness--more intense--of being with God, and therefore going with God...

2) As I imagine The Ground of my Being (GOD to some, but again, not "a" god) as being Creative, always creating, then I, if made in God's image (not "a" God) would also create.

In other words, no more destruction, fence-straggling, and a sense of "direction" as in up, down, close, far and all that comparison stuff.

I came into being because of God (Source, Creative Ground) and I'll go out with God.

I can't "know" what that means as I am in what some philosophers call "The Human Situation" whereas after death I won't be in "this" situation, then I'll know.

BONUS: As some others mentioned, I don't believe what I do, or rather pursue what I do:

Truth about this because I want to keep going "time unending, though unending peace (may we rest in peace) would be great. A childish wish but it's there--and it runs far deeper than any idea of Heaven I was taught, which I rejected after accepting Christ as my Savior.

I mean Eternity defined as "Time that never ends," and Heaven definded as a place where streets are made of gold and have pearly gates, and all my animals and relatives and friends will be there, and "the saved" will sit around blissed out talking to the prophets and what-not?

Being with God, there'd be nothing to wonder about any longer.

So I never bought into that, "I'll have so many questions!", or the gold and pearls and mansions--not even as an eight-year-old, so I don't think I'll start believing any of that now or later on.

Pondering, though; yup, I still do: Every day I live in "The Human Situation."
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