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My personal favorite types.....

ENTP 7 w 6 (but I like 6 w 7 and some 7 w 8 types too)

INFJ 4 w 5 (but I pretty much like most INFJ's)

ENFP 7 w 6 (I get along with most ENFP types)

INFP (I get along with most INFP types, but some of the 4 types can annoy the shit out of me.)

ESTP (I love ESTP 7 types, in general and even some 7 w 8 types too. Keep the ESTP 8's the hell away from me though unless they have a strong 9 wing.)

ISTP 7's are fun but he same thing that I say for the ESTP's applies to them.

ENTJ's I usually like. The 8 w 9 ENTJ's are my favorites.

ENFJ types I like if they can't keep their Fe in check, and not try to tell me how to live my life.

ESFP types are cool to hang with.

Those are most of my favorite types to be around.

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INFP's and moderate ENTPs or ENFP's

I haven't come across many INTP's(none that I can name) in real life, but the few ones I discussed with here are pretty awesome too.
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