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@Gossip Goat

That's what I was thinking--not exactly, of course, after I hit Reply: How do all these people know these 'friends' or 'classmates' or 'someone they met' are ESFJs: Did they test that way, share this information, et cetera?

Yeah, typing fictional characters is to my mind ridiculous if one is then gonna use that as the yardstick for measuring real people.

Heck, I've been writing fiction for over 30 years, and I'm sure someone could--perhaps has--typed my characters, but I never gave MBTI any thought when I created them, and I sure wouldn't compare one of my characters--if I had typed her or him deliberately--to a real person and conclude, "Oh, that guy in the checkout line or sitting next to me in class is an INTJ or whatever.

I blogged my last post in which I referenced you, and one tag? Stereotypes.
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