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What do you think of ESTJ's

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I'm looking for you input on this.
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not particularly fond of them. Amongst the types least able to discern the big picture, I have found them to be intellectually rigid and almost completely lacking the ability to genuinely conceptualise and think creatively. They revel in swimming in their ocean of particulars, most of them irrelevant, unimportant factoids which they seem to love bringing to the attention of others at random instances. They like 'facts', and 'stats' they just don't usually know what they mean, or if and how they can be used.

ESTJs are, indeed, very hardworking and diligent, though most of this hard work is wasted for they do not know how to work efficiently. They probably have the highest ratio of time&effort to actual work produced, of all types. They spend even more time and effort making sure that everyone is aware of just how much they work.
why..I would think it is obvious. I don't "buck up" to someone just because 'they want something'.(Do you?) Everyone wants something.

I would do so, if they had something valuable enough to offer me. This has not been the case with ESTJs I have met or worked with, though you may have been luckier.
ESTJs can be used as administrators of something that is already set up and running - though not without being supervised themselves. They can deal with most of the day-to-day admin details that bore an ENTJ to death, for example, though they wouldn't necessarily be particularly good at it. They will work their asses off ( just make sure you give them a fancy title and maybe invent some meaningless awards for them).

They also tend to be exceptionally loyal to the organisation using them. Their collectivist mindset makes them perfect members of any collective, a corporation being one. They will rarely even think of abandoning it
Listen to me, I know that ESTJs can be troublesome to work with, but I'm actually trying to help you here. Do you know how many valuable things Greek food offered me before I tried it? None. But then i tried it and all of its value became apparent.

Likewise, I never saw the benefit to adapting to ESTJs until I tried it. Working with people is a two-way street. It's not reasonable to expect others to adapt to you and you not have to adapt to them. You might be surprised by the things ESTJs will do if you are just willing to work with them a bit.

No worries, I don't need help. I tried to work with the ESTJs (I had to), but they failed to meet my expectations in certain tasks when they were part of my team, so I have had to either get rid of them or move them to another post where they would be supervised by someone else, so I could ignore them.

I don't want anyone to adapt to me. People either perform or they don't-that's the only expectation I have of them. The ESTJs I happened to come across failed to meet those expectations. Perhaps I should have given them a second or third chance. I chose not to. INTJs tend not to give 2nd chances anyway, we are not anywhere near as tolerant as INTPs of what we regard as weaknesses in other people - we simply ignore them and move on.

Maybe ESTJs make for interesting company to you, outside a work setting. Whatever works for you.
I only interracted with them in a work setting and found them rather uninteresting for me to seek more informal interactions (though not any more uninteresting than INTJs find most people to be)
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I have personally only engaged ESTJs in a professional setting and therefore haven’t had the chance to observe their reactions to those expressing “cosmic beliefs” that are not empirically substantiated, though I can certainly imagine their reaction would be one of -justified- scepticism. I would hardly consider this evidence of a rigid mind. Their rigidity, i.e. their lack of ideational fluency is evident once there is a need for brainstorming, novelty and experimentation, new approaches and practices- doing away with established ones. It is clear that JH does not perceive this as a rigidity, whereas I do.

I must say I was surprised to see some ENTJs (or at least people who describe themselves as ENTJs) mention they do not get along with ESTJs. I would expect ENTJs to like ESTJs a lot and vice versa. ENTJs are individualists but, in my experience and at least in a work setting, they prefer to see the individualistic tendencies of others suppressed, probably because it is much harder to win and maintain the support of your “troops” when they have a strong sense of self. It is much easier to marshal a group that will “selflessly” commit their efforts to a “greater cause”. ESTJs are collectivists, so they actively seek out such collective causes. They make great troops for the ENTJs.
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