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What do you think of ESTJ's

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I'm looking for you input on this.
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In summary, if an ESTJ is acting like this it probably means they want something from you. So why not just buck up and show some gratitude every once in a while? I know as an NT it can be difficult, but that's part of life with different kinds of people.
What are some good ways to show gratitude?

Speaking solely in terms of "usefulness" and cognitive functions, what advantage does ESTJ have over ENTJ? Si, is, as far as I'm concerned, a useless cognitive function as auxiliary. It's of no benefit to anyone. ESTJ's strength lies in Te.
pfff, what? Useless? That would depend on the goal you're trying to achieve.

Why does it matter whether it's auxiliary or not?

Si is an incredible tool for inspection and data mining purposes. The reason Si is so useful for data mining, is because of the ability to see how the new information matches up with the knowledge you already have, which allows you to see if the information is relevant to what you're looking for.

A properly developed Ni user can reality check themselves.
How? Ni doesn't deal with "reality." Ni is used to perceive future context based on impressions. This causes a lot of INTJs to become conspiracy theorists if they don't use Te enough.
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