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I deem it's the pursuit of so-called true identity that leads us to be acquainted with the 16 type of personalities. Humans are so complex they can't really be defined in mere words, IMHO. But in the end of the day, I admit that, after all, we're nothing but creature which exists just because. Homo sapient = One of the species that resides on Earth in the Milky Way (hooray, MILKY! Dunno why suddenly I've the urge to eat any edible candied apple in the universe. Yoo Hoo~). Special note = this specimen has strange belief that he/she IS superior to other breathing or moving or living creature.

It's essential for humans to have any purposes and identities of life to continue existing. Well, that's it. I'm throwing random theories in. Am I not?

To me, life's just life. So what?
Life's when we can still breathe and experience things.
We don't exist because of life, life exists because of us.

And about myself...
I think I'm just I.
If you ask me whether I'm satisfied with myself, I'd say yes. Why would I change the me I love to appease people I barely know? Or people that I love, maybe? They must accept the way I am.
And, my sincere apologies from deepest sweet heart for I'm not anyone but mine's puppet.
Actually I'd prefer staying in my comfort zone to crossing the line.
But if it benefits me, so be it.

I'm typical ENTPs: logical, rational, straightforward, argument loving, and not-so-romantic.
I loathe yucky touchy thingy, by the way.

Oh, well... how about you, my pals?
how do you perceive life and yourself?
It'd be very enlightening if you share yours as well.
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