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Cognitive Process Level of Development (Preference, Skill and Frequency of Use)

extraverted Sensing (Se) ********************************* (33.8)
good use
introverted Sensing (Si) ***************** (17.4)
limited use
extraverted Intuiting (Ne) ******************************************** (44.1)
excellent use
introverted Intuiting (Ni) ************************** (26.8)
average use
extraverted Thinking (Te) **************** (16.3)
limited use
introverted Thinking (Ti) ********************* (21.8)
limited use
extraverted Feeling (Fe) ************************************* (37.9)
excellent use
introverted Feeling (Fi) ****************************************** (42.1)
excellent use

I always test NF, but sometimes I test I, sometimes E, and sometimes P and sometimes J. I think I'm a ENFP, with a low E and a low P.

I know I can't really trust tests like this one, but I read somewhere that if you have let's say Ne and Fe, you're mentally sick. I don't remember why, but no NF would have Ne and Fe and so on. So i'm a bit concerned that my highest functions are like this:
Ne, 44.1
Fi, 42.1
Fe, 37.9
Se, 33.9
Ni, 26.8
Ti, 21.8
Si, 17.4
Te, 16.3

I think ENFPs have Ne, Fi, Si, Te, right? Why is my Si lower than my Se, and my Te lower than my Ti? I guess they're lower because I use them less, but is that normal? If you take the first four "different" functions I would have Ne, Fi, Se, Ti, which is NOT normal, i know that. arggh, i'm so confused. Maybe I'm just weird, and this is normal....

please, can someone explain to me? :) thanks
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