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Hello awesome NFs! :crazy:

I was just wondering what your week looks like? I think it will be interesting to see how we choose to spend our time! Hobbies, friends, work, family etc. :)

I'll start! (you are welcome to make a more detailed schedule than mine) :wink:

My week:
Mon: work, dinner, go to the gym, shower, eat, relax, sleep
Tue: work dinner, relax, try to make some music, relax, sleep
Wed: work, dinner, go to the gym, shower, eat, relax, sleep
Thu: work dinner, relax, weekly pub quiz, relax, sleep
Fri: work, dinner, go to the gym, shower, hang out with friends,
Sat: sleep longer, breakfast, go in to town, drink with friends, go to the pub
Sun: relax aaaall day

Relax = hang around the house watching TV, playing the piano, sitting on the computer etc.

I work 8hr every week day, and I have to use my head a lot at work so I feel pretty worn out after. I want to do more, but routines stress me out. I've had it like this for a while, so it would be good with some change. I have no projects going on, but morale after work is pretty low, and i just loooove to relax and stress down :D

So! What does your week look like, and are you happy with your schedule?


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Ooo, I wish I had that sort of consistency in my life. I never know what my week's gonna look like until Tuesday.
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