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I'll let you know in a few months LOL

After a wild ride with an ISTP (which was an exciting - but very unhealthy for me "situationship") ended up with an opportunity to break the ice with a INFP I knew IRL. He and I had chatted a few times here and there when we'd run into each other on motorcycle rides in the mountains, but it never turned into anything else until a few weeks ago when he gave me some gas (as I was about out) and I shot him a "thank you" message after getting home - which opened the door and been hanging out since then.

Initial impressions are it may be a decent match - although it might help that as the INTJ, but the woman, and he the INFP, there's probably naturally a little balance to our types to begin with just due to gender influences. He seems a bit more emotional and "head in the clouds" but it's not so drastic that my more grounded approach clashes - more of a balance to both.

We'll see where it goes, I know after my last two dating disasters (emotionally speaking anyways), I'm a bit timid to jump in and admit any real attraction, but thus far, things have been pretty natural and easy - intellectually and mentally it's a huge relief to have someone to really talk to and engage in a good conversation. He is older (about 8 years older than me) and has worked to get his life where he wants it, so I'm sure that's part of it too - he definitely went through a wild and crazy young adult stage for a number of years many moons ago.

Last two guys I dated were both SP's, and I'm fairly certain that's a pretty bad match for me romantically - we just do not process the world the same, and my need for intellectual conversation just doesn't inspire them, and vice versa. Their need for freedom, my need for loyalty - bad clash. Exciting, yes; healthy, no. Both definitely brought out a (bad) side of me I didn't even realize existed...
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