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Hi people, in order to get around bias I'm not going to answer questions that may bring out any significant self-idealization. I'm summarizing some thought processes / peculiarities to see if some functions pop up. Do you think I'll ever unearth my sticky stack? Thank you in advance!
[HR][/HR]Laziness -> Boredom -> Creativity :popcorn:
Since my peculiar traits are, as they say, the ones that make me annoying, this should be listed first as it's made me go on a killing spree so often. People trust my knowledge and my will to solve problems, what makes them hesitate to ask for my help is my method. I rarely ever want to approach a problem the "standard" way, I rather want to do it my way, which is fluctuating, very intuitive and often late - although progress is quick. When I'm not sincerely interested in a given problem, I put no effort in it and choose - or create - the quickest, functional way.

> Teacher (13:02): @parents she is trying...
People know I can have a thorough knowledge of something but I'm awful in application since there I lose my focus. It's like application is not adequately entertaining to my brain, so I start - accidentally - skipping/missing steps.

You are what you eat, you eat half a fish, you become a siren, the Loch Ness Monster kneels before you, I take a photo, the press promotes me.
When I start solving a problem intuition comes first, followed by progressive analysis. People ask me what I'm doing and why in the meanwhile, they say my answers are no sense.
(i.e.: "I see a curve that goes up and down, it gradually becomes a 2D shape, then I curl it in 3D and it's like aurora borealis, which means acceleration is not a constant").
I often make comparisons that have nothing to do with the original topic and completely change the context of comparison in relation to the same topic.
This happens because what I have seen through intuition hasn't been reorganized yet, I need to understand what I've seen by playing with it.
One way of "playing with it" is discussing with people. I don't need to introduce others to the actual topic; what I want to test is the reasoning, the patterns behind it. I don't really mind collecting ideas, I like to see the dots and their mutual links, to test the structure that recollects the data and gives them a context.

chaos(m, e, s, s, o, r, d, e, r) = (d, r, e, s, s, m, o, r, e)
Because I follow my own patterns and the resulting layout, people see I'm messy and think I'm random. I actually put a degree of order in anything I do, it just doesn't follow the conventional idea of order. When someone places an item somewhere else in my apartment, it could also be right in front of me but I won't notice it because in my head it's not supposed to be there; they could also make always the same changes, I won't remember it anyway.

Gang Band
I identify everyone's skills and give them suitable tasks. Others usually gather informations and take care of graphics, I contribute ideas and take care of details - more in-depths analysis, synthesis, cohesion.

Exploring new contexts lets me keep active because I feel dynamic. When the new material is more than what I've been able to process, I need to have a rest for thinking it through; otherwise I'll feel inconsistent, feckless and stupid.

Power Bank
When I feel exhausted and have no hunger for novelty, studying is what gives me stability. Pure speculation, instead, makes me sink in my own waters and the darkness deep down there makes me forget the external word. In these moments I feel the urge to reach a conclusion, to gain understanding.

Bach Flowers
If I get to feel stupid, I become stupid. I start relying on my social life, I become worried about my appearance, I want to be liked - because it seems to me it's all that's left. I become hyperactive and want to experience adrenaline rush in company, drink alcohol with friends, try new food, go shopping. I fear being alone, maybe, because I do all I can to be in company. I also become interested in guys, while I usually don't care (it's a waste of time).

Camping van
I like people and care about them, but establishing a relationship is not my priority. I'm generally open and spontaneous, but I don't give details about me away, nor I speak my truest thoughts / theories. My social interaction mostly consists of jokes and bullsh*ts (nonsensical tales) or critical discussions. Few people are worth the necessery efforts to keep a friendship.

Cereal contrarian
I can't help it, there's this part of me that truly enjoys contradicting others. They make a statement, I'm ready to demolish it; they take a stand, I need to turn it inside out before I say "ok". I accept different opinions, ideas and values, but I istinctively challenge them as soon as they're presented.

More alt's
I've embraced Christian principles, I believed in survival and intelligence before; people were means or playfellows, I cared about them and gave excellent advice but didn't get attached to them because I thought change was the only unquestionable principle. The closest to a moral principle was:
"I'm not cheating in exams because:

  • I don't trust people's knowledge more than mine;
  • Cheating is the way of the loser, it insults my intelligence;
  • Making my own mistakes is better than relying on someone else and still failing;
  • I will study to fill the gap, I don't need this cheap ticket for ostensible rewards".

Art (thou artificial?)
I'm skilled at drawing but I've never been able to express myself through it. I realized I'm always more focused on the technique rather than on the object itself; I found out I'm more creative at technical drawing.
I'm quite good at analyzing pictures - I was in webdesign during junior high, that helped me a lot on the technical side -, as well as pieces of literature. These activities are stimulating: I have to look at the details and at the big picture at the same time.

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First thing I distinguished was Te-Fi axis
I saw more Ni-Se than Ne-Si thinking here too
I would coordinate these things to xntj thinking
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