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A VR enthusiast's analysis for why VR isn't meeting expectations:

Now, a lack of good VR games that can compete with non-VR games can easily be dismissed as a temporary setback, the "we haven't yet figured it out" argument, but... we really haven't figured it out, games are about what you do with user input, and user input - specifically movement - adapted to VR is exactly where we are failing.

Personally I am hopeful that neural lace might be the missing key for intuitive user input that fits right in with VR, but that furthers the argument that we need a few more cycles of improvement in technology before VR can produce a mass-consumer product platform that would enable VR-only games to compete in the gaming market.

On a side note: AR I see more immediate promise too, I've talked with my department head about allocating part of our budget to hololens and he says it needs to drop in price dramatically before the people upstairs don't just laugh in our faces for bringing this up, but if given the opportunity to redesign the interfaces for my in-house tools in AR, I think we would speed up our ability to handle emergency events and high pressure times of the days a few times over, when our staff needs to navigate a lot of information and things going on in the same time, and AR seems perfect for that.
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