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Hello! I don't think this topic has ever been brought up before.

I'll be honest: I don't think I was entirely a normal child. For as long as I can remember, maybe even from age 4 or 5, I've had very low self esteem, and throughout my life I dealt with it in extremely unhealthy ways. I cannot ever deem a time when I was truly healthy-minded.

I am curious if it is possible to start being "in the grip" at a young age, and how does it manifest? Meaning being more obsessed with/focused on the inferior function as a child, tertiary as an adolescent, as well as getting into several Dom-Tert (Or Tert-Dom??) loops throughout your life? Or is an obsession with the use of a function but failure to truly master it is nothing more than being a "failure" of your type?

In other words...can the person grow up to be the complete opposite type they truly are?

(Hopefully this makes sense!)
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