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What I Just thought about.

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I and only I can figure it out.


I do not like my entire place crawling with ants. crawling all over my legs and back. not a lot of them, but just enough to be annoyed.


There nefver has, never is now, and never will be any future way to figure out an ENTP Woman.
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i think youre looking too much into the situation. if its not meant to be, move on to the next female.
Male INFJ with Femail ENTP compatibility

Tell me why you believe INFJ is most compatible with ENTP

Particularly Male INFJ and female ENTP
I think ENTJs are a better bet. What? I'm just telling it how it is. :bored:
I actually have major struggles with ENTPs sometimes. I do love being freinds with them but anything to close ends up making me want to back off a bit. It kind of drives me nuts that it seems like they are taking heed in what I tell them at the time I tell them but later find out that none of it sunk in. You have to work %98 percent of the time behind the scenes and I like to be able to talk to others about my Ni Fe not get it shot down and forgot about all the time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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