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Hello one, hello all.

So, for the longest time I thought I was a 5w4, due to my obsession with being the more intelligent. Although, with further inspection, I realized this was more-so related to my MBTI type and my tertiary Te, as well as the fact that the desire to be naturally gifted and intelligent is more an attribute related to types 4, 8, and 1. This was especially sparked by the amount of enneagram tests I decided to take all ranking type 5 pretty low, as well as the fact that type 5 isn't quite common for NFP's in general.

So, now that I'm doubting that I'm a 5w4, I would like some enneagram experts to help type me. The only thing I know for sure is that my instinctual stacking is definitely sx/sp, however besides that I'm completely in the dark. So, anyone want to help?

I'm not sure exactly who to ask...but:
@shinynotshiny @Halcyon @alittlebear @Jinsei @Blue Soul

and although I've never spoken to you directly, you seem quite helpful, so.. @Hotaru

I'll answer any linked questionnaire's and you can give your opinions on who I am based off the posts you've given me before. I normally type as either type 1, 4, 8, 3, and 5. I don't usually get the other ones.
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