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This query is of a similar nature to my previous post, regarding what you find annoying/likeable in people in general, but I wanted to make a post that specifically focuses on close relationships.

I read statements from several self-reported ESTJs, informing that in the aftermath of a conflict with either a partner of a friend, the only acceptable solution is for the other person to admit the nature of the problem, and take whatever steps are necessary so as to prevent the same situation from re-occurring, and if they can't, they should openly admit their incapacity to do so.

So tell me, before I even bother trying to connect further with this personality subtype, what deficiencies of character would you consider to be an immediate show-stopper?

And you'll forgive me if you feel this information has already been provided in the forum, but from what I have read thus far, no clear and concise answer has been made.
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