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What is/are your favorite types of movie genres?

  • Action

    Votes: 195 36.6%
  • Adventure

    Votes: 224 42.0%
  • Comedy

    Votes: 295 55.3%
  • Crime

    Votes: 99 18.6%
  • Documentary

    Votes: 178 33.4%
  • Drama

    Votes: 190 35.6%
  • Family

    Votes: 49 9.2%
  • Fantasy

    Votes: 239 44.8%
  • Horror

    Votes: 125 23.5%
  • Musical

    Votes: 74 13.9%
  • Mystery

    Votes: 164 30.8%
  • Romance

    Votes: 137 25.7%
  • Science Fiction

    Votes: 242 45.4%
  • Sport

    Votes: 19 3.6%
  • Suspense

    Votes: 152 28.5%
  • Thriller

    Votes: 168 31.5%
  • War

    Votes: 85 15.9%
  • Western

    Votes: 25 4.7%

  • Total voters
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I don't really care about the genre that much as long as it tells an interesting story or otherwise somehow pulls me in.

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I voted the following:
Terminator, Rambo, True Lies; nigh all from the '80s and '90s.
GoodFellas, Donnie Brasco, American Gangster, etc.
Penny Serenade, etc
Dawn of the Dead, The Faculty, Friday the 13th (1980), Silence of the Lambs, etc.
Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, etc
Inception, Memento, Disturbia, Fight Club, etc.
American Beauty, Indecent Proposal, etc.
Science Fiction,
Star Wars, The Thing, Aliens, etc.
Fatal Attraction, Charade, etc.
Die Hard, Edge of Darkness, Sixth Sense, etc.
Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, etc.
Of course, there are many, many more. I have seen so many that I can't think of all of them.
I like, and watch, all genres; however, the ones listed are my favorites. My least favorite is adventure.

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OHOHO there are 4 whopping votes for sports...

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This might seem rather odd, but I've never really been too into comedy. I mean, if a movie's funny that's great. But I wouldn't feel the urge to watch a movie purely because it's funny. I usually only see comedies because they're either on TV or my friends want me to go.

A movie with a hot chick, car chases, and and weaponry? Now that's my kind of flic.

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My favorite types of movies are gangster movies. I love to watch gangster movies. I also love action movies and some comedies as well.

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I like my action with some science fiction tossed in like terminator and predators,
I like my comedy mature like 40 year virgin and tropic thunder.
i haven't really been able to see all the documentaries I've wanted to,
but i like a really sad movie called The bridge and Bill Maher's documentary
religulous. The Bridge is up on hulu i you want to check it out

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I like quite a few genres. I put action, comedy (especially satire and black comedy), drama, horror, sci-fi, suspense, and thriller. I'd have to say musicals are my least favorite. With the exception of The Wall and Tommy, I find most of them to be pretty annoying. I'm not too picky, but excess sentiment is an absolute no-no.

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^ Comedy is my least favourite I think..:crazy:

I love suspense..thriller.. ---(why are they separate choices?)
horror the non-violent kind, mystery
I like all these genres mixed in with drama

Second would be documentary.. I mostly watch that on TV, movie or not
I've been watching quite a few westerns lately, maybe treating them like documentaries.. I like watching the reenactments, of how people lived back then, the society, etiquette, beliefs they had which are proven wrong now etc..

Billy Elliot was a sport movie, wasn't it? That was a good movie :)
21 - 40 of 56 Posts
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