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What is construct of masculinity & femininity?

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I Wanted to start this thread to discuss different constructs of the genders & what kind if behavious people perceive as being more masculine or feminine. Do these constructs come from within or are the external too?? Is gender constructed or are you born with it? What do men find most feminine about women and visa versa. I loved the topic of gender studies at university but I didn't get into it deeply. I was hoping we could get some interesting discussion going...
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I can't believe noone replied to this. Lol
Is it because there's a similar thread already going?
Behaviors perceived as feminine
Tend to make people more civilized.
Being sensitive to peoples needs.
There can be more traits i dont know.

Behaviors perceived as masculine
Feeling protective of partner not just partner,but everyone and people in general. Like military.
Intelligent , and stronger problem solving skills.
Being insensitive to Emotional issues : i dont mean less careful, but its masculine to not being emotional or cry in any situation and take everything as problem and find logical solutions for that.
Better way to say is : not breaking down in any situation.

Its what we are born with. While society also has effect.
These are present in the form of unconscious instincts. Passed from our genome, from the times, when we were a caveman.
Because We seem to have these instincts even when society has taught us nothing about them. Many are redundant today.
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I have discussed this recently in another thread:

In short I believe that we are primates with a history on the savannna that has shaped us in to what we are today. Some things are influenced by "culture". But even those I believe often stems from biological behaviours that has been the foundations of "culture". After all, aculture that would work totally AGAINST the human nature would probably not last because of the energy needed to uphold it.
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