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There is this guy that I like, and I can't quite figure out his type. I've known him for about 4 years now, and even though we have ups and downs, I'd say we are pretty good friends. I may not be able to provide enough information to give a full diagnosis but I'll try my best. I am an Infp is that helps, and I'm like 90% sure he likes me back.

A lot of people ask me why I like him, and I have to say he is an acquired taste. I like the fact that he can always make me laugh. He's got that weird sense of humor, the kind you don't get, but laugh at anyway because its just so ridiculous. He is loud, and sometimes speaks before thinks. He's always talking to his friends, and I know that this all sound like an extrovert. The reason why I'm reserved on this is because he's kind of oblivious to things like small talk, and is very awkward in the social department. He acts really nervous around me, and stumbles over his word. I would say he is very goofball. He laughs all the time and usually is happy, but I have seem him stressed or sad (which is basically sad puppy dog). He teases people all the time, in a rude way sometimes, but you know he doesn't mean it. Like I said before, he is quite clueless when it comes to socialness, and embarrasses himself all the time.

Now moving onto how he interacts with me. Our relationship is quite rocky, one week were cracking jokes and the next he avoids me at all costs. The moment things are going well between us something happens and he gets all distant. I don't think he has a lot of confidence in himself, and I think he constantly changes his mind on what he thinks we are (I do too, though mainly because of him). Even though he teases me all the time (makes fun of things I like stuff like that) I can tell he has a deep admiration of me. I know you guys are probably like while do you like this guy, well I think he's cute, guys who are really awkward and self-doubting are like my thing. He's creative and smart, but he just doesn't care about school all that much. We have absolutely nothing in common, and he can't see why the hell I love reading and write poetry in my free time and teases me about it.

Sorry this is just one gigantic mess, I'm sorry it isn't more organized. If it helps at all he has almost the exact personality of Frank Zhang from Heroes of Olympus. A little more loud but I think its fitting.

Please ask any questions if you need to, Thanks for reading through all this!!!
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