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Depends. Sometimes it's because the world is too busy and moving too much. Other times it's because I have some emotional crap to deal with.

Or for me on a number of occasions it's like... snatching a bit of information from the feeding frenzy, finding it pretty, wander off to a corner alone and look it over and be amazed by its complexity and start tearing it apart to see how it works. And after I find how it works I show it off... maybe.

Or... boredom. The place in my head can be far more entertaining and interesting than reality.

Or solving a problem......... or really getting interesting and intrigued in something. I know I turn into a complete hermit who eats once a day and never sees sunlight for weeks if I am dead focused on something.

mmm yeah. There's many reasons.

the five withdraws from the world because they are confused, scared and don't know what to do. they are perpetually like the kid watching from the sidelines while the other kids play because he doesn't know what to do or how everything works
I was that kid! haha.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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