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What is it that causes 5's to withdraw?

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So I know it's a trait... but of what cause?

I'm trying to get over it and more embrace my 4 dom. I don't mind all theother 5 stuff but this is just annoying... getting all anxious and shrivelling up away from the moment... it just aint livin' I tell ya... it just aint livin'! :shocked::unsure::rolleyes:

Lets figure this shit out?
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Don't discount the fact that retreating just simply allows for a peaceful and serene environment. The world is a very noisy and chaotic place and I need a place to go and get away from it all. It doesn't have to be disfunctional to retreat. It's hard to read, learn, analyze, think, or just relax in the middle of the busy noise of the world.

Nervousness and anxiety - that's a different topic entirely.
What does a 5 who withdraws but has an obligation to stay at work/school look like? In body language? Speech?
I'd agree with most of what @vanilla_dream said here:

I shall give my personal perspective on this as I can't speak for all Type 5's. So here goes:
-My friends or mum would tell me I look standoffish, a snob, unapproachable. I'm withdrawn and easily get irritated.
-Body language: Slow in movement, poker-face, spacing out while donning the infamous death-stare look, flat affect
-Speech: more softly spoken than usual, monotonous responses, flat intonation
If I'm forced to be in a situation, I will try to make the best of it, but I'm also thinking, "OK, this will be over soon. Let's just go through the formalities, do what needs to be done, and then it will be over." Very focused and maybe will be harder for me to be my easy-going self. I was probably more outwardly prickly when I was younger - now I can still be pleasant and good company despite wanting to be somewhere else.
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