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What is it that causes 5's to withdraw?

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So I know it's a trait... but of what cause?

I'm trying to get over it and more embrace my 4 dom. I don't mind all theother 5 stuff but this is just annoying... getting all anxious and shrivelling up away from the moment... it just aint livin' I tell ya... it just aint livin'! :shocked::unsure::rolleyes:

Lets figure this shit out?
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That's a really good metaphor. I've often felt like I was studying some alien species, trying to understand their society, with its confusing behavior, rituals, and rules; or alternatively I've felt like I was the alien.

Reasons I withdraw:
- to better understand things
- to amuse myself with my thoughts
- to prevent total overwhelm
- as a rejection of a society which I often find completely alienating

I agree, this is what I felt most of the time. Sometimes I wonder whether I hit my head when I was a child, why am I the only one that didn't get the information about da rules and regulations? For years I think I was socially inept(even though people seems to like me), and how I'm way behind my other classmates. I always empathize with physically challenge people or the underdogs, I know how it feels to be out of sync from people around you. How shameful it is.

I wanted to get out of my head, but I literally cant. I think the reason for 5's withdrawal, other than what have stated above, is its comfortable. Its safe.
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