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What is it that causes 5's to withdraw?

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So I know it's a trait... but of what cause?

I'm trying to get over it and more embrace my 4 dom. I don't mind all theother 5 stuff but this is just annoying... getting all anxious and shrivelling up away from the moment... it just aint livin' I tell ya... it just aint livin'! :shocked::unsure::rolleyes:

Lets figure this shit out?
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I withdraw under these circumstances, more or less:
-if I'm overwhelmed by too many demands, stimulation, or responsibilities;
-if after careful and thorough deliberation, I find an individual is manipulative or just outright overly selfish and self-absorbed (will be a drain on my energy resources and will not do anything to help his/her lot by getting over him/herself);
-if my reaching out and thus taking initiative is met with non-reciprocation;
-if, quite simply, I've found an interest/passion that I really want to delve into, then it's likely you won't hear from me much because I'm tucked away in my own little, wonderful world, tinkering about with my new discoveries.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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