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About 3 months ago I found out about MBTI. I became immediately interested and decided to see the descriptions for each type and I thought I was an ENFP. Until I saw some aspects of ENTP that I thought were definitely me. So I thought I was ENTP until now when I found out about this thing about the development of INTP Children.

I found that was what I was mostly like in my childhood. So I am done with all the boring MBTI tests and descriptions

I need your ideas to understand what I am.
In my childhood I enjoyed messing with my brother and arguing with him and at the time my mom thought I was a "master debater". I also created these ideas of stories in my head usually involving some aspect of a topic I had learned about. I liked discussing these ideas with adults I knew well and I had a sick sense of humor. I would also ask what if questions to no end. However when I was in elementary school I was quiet and did not like people laughing at me and became upset when they did. I laughed a lot at some of the kids if they were really stupid and made a mistake. I would also not be quiet if we were working in a group and discussed how to tackle the problem. (much to their surprise) At that age I made some friends but moved on from one to another and when thinking about the previous friend I usually got sad.

When I was in Middle School I made a group of friends that and decided that I wanted social attention and friendships so I made long-term friendships. At that time I also found this about this thing called trolling that you may or may not know about :proud: So I trolled my friends to no end(something my istp friend gets frustrated about) I love messing with them and making them laugh. When I don't get them to laugh or don't get the social attention from them I get a little depressed but I can move one from it and be alone thinking about my ideas and stories. I also love telling outrageous lies and stories about myself that people get amused or frustrated at. I like to think I have charm but my Istp friend thinks I have none but I'm not sure if it's just because he's him.
When I am tired or have not slept I get agitated and do not want to talk to people at all and just want to not talk at all. Even when I am quiet I want I want to get attention from people and I can get a little cocky in my favorite pastime, video games.:cool:

I usually say I'm a pro in video games even when I'm not and I love making fun of people I kill or own completely. I have low morality as noted by my ESFJ friend and can talk about things like death easily and laugh at others misfortune. However when watching a movie or TV show where only the main character has the ability to escape from a deathtrap just because he's the main character I wonder how I would escape and hate that only he could escape in a situation like that. I also put myself in a weak character's shoes and wonder if that would ever happen to me and get sad. I also like experimenting with different characters in video games and different classes.

I am extremely lazy and hate doing practical tasks. I also don't study at all and get amazing grades by doing the bare minimum which annoys my mom. I am sometimes a smartass and make subtle jokes and think of life as a game and puzzle I need to figure out. I consider myself extremely lucky as if there is a such thing as fate, it adores me. I have a strong sentimentality to things I thought was really fun in my childhood. I like jumping into topics I don't know about with my friends and pretend I know everything about it using wikis and guessing (my guesses are usually right)

I want to learn about a lot of things and go from idea to idea based on my interest at the moment. I do not like planning or strategizing although I sometimes think things through. I like improvising and would consider acting if I just had an outline for a character and their traits and speech patterns and then could improvise my lines and interact with the other characters. I sometimes am nervous about meeting new people and can get stressed before giving a speech for my class. Although I generally get relaxed while doing it and make my voice loud enough to hear and amaze my teacher and my classmates because they heard me speak.

One thing I hate is being called quiet and I like to think of myself as enthusiastic and talkative contrary to other people. I also don't like people think I try hard in school and care about my grades. I love pop culture and can quote many things from it and use it in situations. I usually make inside jokes with my friends. I love feeling a part of a group although I can jump from one set of people to another. I don't like talking to people I don't know and would rather be on the internet and on Steam talking to my friends. I can't make small decisions like where me and my family should go to dinner but I can decide easily what my goal is in life although for me it's easily changeable (at one point I wanted to be a Secret Service Agent and learned all about it but I just declared "Screw pursuing this in life")

I don't like it when people try to deceive me and can get annoyed from some girls for trying to "seduce" me into doing their work for them which other kids fall for. Also just recently I learned about "mind palaces" and constructed one myself. I stored all of my memories from my past into a complete fictional world to make sure if I see an object or come across a topic I can make references, connections, and relate to it all. I also use it to increase my memory but I do forget about small things like the restaurants in the area and birthdays. Speaking of birthdays I don't find them significant but I do find Christmas significant even though half the time I am not excited about it I just like the feeling of it. I like surprises for Christmas also. I also like having enemies and have a secret desire to have an arch-nemesis that can match me in personality and intelligence and would love to have a battle of wits with this arch-nemesis. If there was a site called eChaos where it would match me up with an enemy I would be the first one on there.

I love riddles and figuring out puzzles even if I can't figure it out I will not give up. I also love meddling in relationships and crushes of my friends. I usually use blackmail on my friends once I figure out their crushes because of analyzing their body language. I like it when I imagine a ridiculous situation and share it with my istp friend who just sighs and says "Oh no" depressingly and then says "I don't want to think about this anymore" which makes me laugh. I also like it when I trick someone and then they curse at me or say "you're an asshole" or "Only you wow". I am considered nice by my ESFJ friend recently although in the past I did some bad things to him and trolled him 24/7 but now we seem to have a good friendship.

So after all of that what the hell am I? This is a lot I just realized but I want your ideas. :cool:

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Hello, and welcome to PerC! From what you've said so far, you do seem like some kind of xNTP to me. There are definitely people on this forum who can help you figure out your type, so don't be afraid to ask. ^^

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Dr. Kumbuyah said:
I like jumping into topics I don't know about with my friends and pretend I know everything about it using wikis and guessing (my guesses are usually right)
Dottore, you can be sure that INTP is not your type. But the NTP part is correct.
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