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Hi, thanks for attention

1. How would an author describe you in a book? Write the paragraph that would introduce you in a novel.
The young woman with a timid, observant personality comes on the scene. Her attitude of analyzing the environment, and perceiving the most appropriate place where she felt comfortable. Claudia, that was his name. Her story was hidden from the people around her, avoiding drawing attention to herself, but for some reason, for her beauty or more independent attitude, she had glances at herself.

2. Think over the past day or week and make a mental list (you can also write it here) of ways other people have annoyed, angered, or otherwise bothered you - any situation where people have done one thing, while you wished they would have done another. Look at each of these instances and answer (you can make a list or make note of general patterns - an example is good):
The fact that irritated me most was that I had discussed with my brother about money and I did not have enough money to take advantage of this month. I gathered the two facts and started to cry in anger. If I could change the attitude, I would be more rational and justify to myself that it is a phase. But the fact that I felt weak because of the lack of money made me angry and insecure.

3. What holds you back in life? This can be an internal or external force. If that thing were gone, what would be different? What would you do?

4. Your deepest secret has just been revealed to the person or people from whom you most wished to keep it. How do you feel? How do you react? What are the results on your life?
This did not happen to me, but let's just say you had a hint.
I would be paralyzed and insecure, especially paralyzed. As if the world had stopped at that moment.
I'd crash. Especially if I did not see the person's reaction.
I would ask myself a thousand questions and hypotheses for myself.
I would enter a cycle of terror and lack of peace.
I would not have a reaction, I would just stop.

I would continue my life, because it is not a prejudicial secret.

5. You are offered one of three gifts: a bottle filled with water from the Fountain of Life, a crown which will give you peaceful dominion over the world's people for your entire (full) lifetime, and a ring which will unite you with your true love and ensure a happy, passionate marriage. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?
I prefer the crown.
With the crown I would be easier to interact with anyone, so I would not be shy, and I would get more control around me.
And I can also relate to who I want, although I think it would be with someone special, someone who felt affinity.
My hesitation would be whether that person would be with me by myself or by the effect of the crown.

6. You are offered one of three houses. The first is located in a big city and has historic and artistic value: it was designed by a great architect and was owned by interesting people in the past. Owning this house is very prestigious and guarantees you social status and a circle of friends, but it also comes with responsibility - you must keep the house up to code, manage the household, and give parties and events. The second house you may design using your imagination - literally your dream house - it is located in a very secluded location and no one is allowed to visit this house except you and your immediate family. The third house is very nice, but has no particular aesthetic appeal - a McMansion in short. It is in an extremely convenient location and is very secure. It is impossible for thieves to break in and it has no danger of natural disasters. You are guaranteed to be able to sell the house for double the price in twenty years. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?
I could choose house 3, but I prefer house 2.
I choose house 2 because I can modify it as I please, from time to time it would be different. And I could also welcome the people in my house, so I do not feel totally alone and I prefer people who are better known.
I would feel hesitation for the safety of the house, but I would take care of it.

7. You are offered one of three doors. The first opens to a world that is dangerous and demands mental or physical skill to navigate through, but also has great rewards to be gained: think of the worlds portrayed on the shows Game of Thrones or Supernatural. The second opens to a world that is full of wonders, magic, and knowledge, which can be learned or experienced, but there is little solid resting ground - think of the worlds portrayed in the shows Doctor Who or in the multi-media phenomenon A Hitchkiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The third opens to a world where you may experience a life of peaceful, uneventful poverty - think of the hobbits in the series Lord of the Rings or most of the animals living in Narnia. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?
I choose the door 3.
Because in this place I can have rest and freedom to do what I want, although it is a little limited, I think.
I like adventure, but a good place to rest is also necessary.
My fear is to be too limited and not have a good life and my unfulfilled desires.

8. What do you wish people understood about you? Talk about a time you were misunderstood.
My emotions. There are moments I am misunderstood because of the fear of directly demonstrating something.
For example: there are moments that I do not, meaning yes.
That I do not like anyone, that I like.
Or I do something in a crude way, but it is for the sake of a person.

9. What do you hope people won't notice about you? What are you uncomfortable being teased about?
I do not want people to perceive my emotions and use them against me in an offensive or humiliating way.
Nor do I want you to realize my fragility.

10. What's worse - to be seen as caring more than you do or less than you do? Why? Do you think you come across one way or the other? Do you typically pretend to care more or to care less?
I find this question interesting.
I think worse is a person who cares too much.
I already had a trauma, in which I was judged in a wrong and rude way.
That I cared too much about a person, and I was called selfish and selfish.
Although I want to deny that I do not care about things, I end up caring about something or someone, but keeping distance sometimes.

11. Think about a time that someone else tried to control your actions - to tell you what to do, to manipulate you, or influence you. How did you feel and how did you react? What went through your mind?
It's something I do not like because I do not do it with someone else.
I feel anger and inability to act for myself.
I ignore that person's order, and I do it the way I think it's right.
I do not get thoughts, but attitudes - to ignore order and follow what I want.

12. When you first meet someone, what are your first thoughts? What judgments do you make and what kinds of considerations do you have? Are you more concerned with what they think of you or what you think of them? If you are preparing to meet someone new, what do you hope about them and what do you fear about them?
I look for some common subject, and I will judge the person to see if we have some affinity.
Of course I look at the appearance, if it is beautiful or takes care of the hygiene and of itself.
I concentrate more on what I think of this person.
I hope to make a good impression on the new person and try to be kind.
I do not think of any fear, whatever happens, it will happen

13. Think about the last time you cried (if you've recently lost a loved one or gone through another similarly difficult experience, you can go back further and choose a random instance). What caused this? Who was around? Were you crying out of sadness, joy, frustration, or some other factor? How did you feel afterwards? Did it change anything? Is this typical for you?
I will speak of two situations:
- The last one, that I cried with anger at having discussed with my brother about money matters - I did not cry in front of him, I got angry and with so much stress accumulated inside of me, I could only cry. But it was something that happened and I'm not angry at it.
"When my niece" disappeared, "I searched the neighborhood and left my mother anxious and worried about it. I was crying because I was afraid of losing my niece and I felt irresponsible (I thought how my sister could think of me, not caring for her daughter), in Finla, my niece was well and had gone to the mall. On that day, I was crying in front of my mother and too anxious.
Sometimes it happens to cry for situations that I imagine or on days when I'm not in a good mood.
But I'd rather cry in my room and especially away from people, so I do not have judgments about it.

14. Think about the last time you felt really happy, joyful, or satisfied. What caused this feeling? What was different? What keeps you from feeling this way all the time?
When I started working again, I felt very grateful because I would have money again. I like to have money, and to create independence, in my own way.
Money is a resource for me to have the freedom to buy something I wanted without asking someone for it.

15. If you were a tragic hero, what would be your fatal flaw? If you were a character in a comedy, what would be your distinguishing trait (i.e. stingy with money, fastidious, shallow, pretentious, etc.) Do you think others would agree with these?
In comedy: I would use a lot of irony, I would be a character who knows about things and would disdain the intelligence of others.
My relatives agree on parts

16. Think over the past day or week and make a mental list (you can also write it here) of ways that you have done badly - by yourself, by others, etc. - any time that you have done something, and wish you would have done better. How would you characterize these instances? What caused you to fail and what was your reaction? Are you more likely to be hard on yourself or to find excuses for yourself?

17. a. Imagine meeting an evil version of yourself - your 'dark side' - and describe this person.
My dark side is more calculating, rancorous and angry. Choose the right moment to act and go after what you want, without caring about other people. It would be more seductive, but would use the person for some greater purpose. She is ambitious and intense.

b. Describe your ideal self.
It would further enhance my self-confidence, be more decisive, accept who I am.
Stop thinking about my faults.

18. What is your experience with and how do you deal with the following:
a. loneliness
There are moments that I cry for you are alone, and there are other times when I thank you for being alone. It depends on the day, actually.
If I'm sad, I cry (if I feel like it), and I always listen to a song or I get distracted by the internet

b. doubt
I get confused, I wonder why I find myself in doubt. I'll think and take some action later.

c. boredom
A few times I feel boredom, it's a very boring feeling, so I draw, listen to music, walk or do something else.

d. laziness
I rarely feel lazy, I feel that I am always moving. But, I'm asleep.

e. temper
I am an explosive person, so I am accumulating things and then explode

19. Which of the 'seven deadly sins' - pride, wrath, sloth, envy, lust, gluttony, avarice - do you relate to most and why? Which do you relate to least and why? Feel free to go into depth about these.
Most - Pride
Why: I do not like to feel insecure or to be below someone, I do not like to be ignored, I do not like to receive the smaller part or feel that I receive less attention (to the point of destroying or ignoring the object)
I could talk envy, but I think I fit Pride
For example:
One of the feelings I hate most is jealousy, and when I feel jealous, I avoid this person or something, because I hate feeling insecure, the feeling that I am not enough to attract someone's attention.
Least - Lust
Why: I am not so intense and domineering as to feel lustful.

20. Link a song you relate to and explain why.

I love this song, it's the 1st of my favorite songs.
I do not care about the lyrics, but about the melody.

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You sound like a very obvious 5 to me, and if I had to choose a wing, I'd say 4.

Other possibilities would be 8, maybe. I saw a bit of that in you.

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Thank you for your attention @Cabagde :kitteh:

I believe that I'm not the type 8, because I face things in a non-aggressive way, or I abandon the environment that causes me stress or displeasure.
But I'm very selective with people because there are people I like and people I do not like (and I avoid talking).

I think it makes sense to be type 5, in my childhood my way of being was misunderstood, because of my emotions.
And it's something I'm trying to improve with my reading and analysis.
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