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@sprinkle I did not know was an ISTJ; I do not pick my friends 'consciously' by type; and ISTJs do not usually understand me--they say so, think I am odd. My birth father was an ISTJ, sad match. so sprinkle is changing my mind, opening it--I am grateful for her insight--she gets me, enough, more than enough; makes me happy she is so in tune to people, to me, is on this forum.

@Lord of Tentacles You are one of my only ENTP friends; you do not offend my sensibilities. :p

And yes, my brain moves very quickly; we should all be grateful my mouth does not move nearly as fast. :exterminate:

It is playful when I exterminate people using this emoticon, but I don't think most people know me on this board well enough to understand that... yet.

I have to go, now. Bed time duties... :hampster:

Time to play with Pickles. She is not a hamster but I did not see a cute picture of a rat, so this will have to do.

Until tomorrow, then: Sleep well my friends.
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