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what is something good about being a perfectionist??

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... because I am having trouble coming up with reasons and examples for when being a perfectionist is a good thing. I always seem to get let down by my perfectionist tendencies- one can never really reach perfection, so why constantly strive for it?? sounds horrible... can anyone tell me a positive reason for being a perfectionist? I just want to know...
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IMO the trick is to not compare yourself negatively with some ideal that you haven't achieved. Let it be like a guiding goal but understand that it is out of reach. Instead try to positively compare yourself with previous stages where you thought things were not as good. You can also engage in both of these mental exercises side-by-side.

I think people who have trouble with perfectionism are likely fixated on negative comparisons and don't allow themselves to feel good for where they are at current time and what they have done.

I feel like self-acceptance and self-empathy are very important to practice for 1s.
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