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what is something good about being a perfectionist??

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... because I am having trouble coming up with reasons and examples for when being a perfectionist is a good thing. I always seem to get let down by my perfectionist tendencies- one can never really reach perfection, so why constantly strive for it?? sounds horrible... can anyone tell me a positive reason for being a perfectionist? I just want to know...
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From what I have observed, type 1s are great at:

Following through with what they say.
Finding the most efficient way to solve problems.
Being ethical in all situations.
Being very nurturing to those close to them (friends, family or relationship).
Have achieved a lot (career wise) in a short amount of time.
They push those close to them to be better.

This is just a few of the things I have noticed about type 1s (I know three of them well) and respect this very much.
2 x INTJs
1 x eNTJ

For some reason, I find it really easy to respect all three of these people.. it's a demeanor they carry and a sense of confidence. I follow those who demonstrate the observations from above because it helps me deal with my yearning to be organized and productive. Hats off to you type 1s out there! Your perfectionist attitude is appreciated in many different ways.
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