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what is something good about being a perfectionist??

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... because I am having trouble coming up with reasons and examples for when being a perfectionist is a good thing. I always seem to get let down by my perfectionist tendencies- one can never really reach perfection, so why constantly strive for it?? sounds horrible... can anyone tell me a positive reason for being a perfectionist? I just want to know...
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Well, as hard as it can be for me to get things done, the things I have gotten done have been given great grades, nominated for awards and published. But that was in a "flexible" academic environment, and really doesn't mean all that much in the end.

Mostly, I'm thankful that my perfectionism helped me develop a set of values that hasn't done me wrong yet, and goes along pretty well with my vague goal of resolving conflicts around me.

Now, I'm a 9w1 though, so take all that for what it's worth.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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