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I think people who have trouble with perfectionism are likely fixated on negative comparisons and don't allow themselves to feel good for where they are at current time and what they have done.

I feel like self-acceptance and self-empathy are very important to practice for 1s.
Agreed completely. I am currently working on my ability to accept myself more. And some of my issues in this area stem from comparing myself to others and feeling defective if I find that someone else is more successful in a given area of life than I am- especially when I often work harder than many people I know to improve my life for the better.

As for benefits that stem from perfectionism, I would have to say that an eye for detail is one of my strong suits. I am very good at spotting things that don't belong in my environment. I have an excellent eye for spelling and grammatical mistakes, specifically.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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