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what is something good about being a perfectionist??

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... because I am having trouble coming up with reasons and examples for when being a perfectionist is a good thing. I always seem to get let down by my perfectionist tendencies- one can never really reach perfection, so why constantly strive for it?? sounds horrible... can anyone tell me a positive reason for being a perfectionist? I just want to know...
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wow, thanks for all that jbking! :happy:

I can relate to a lot of this- I didn't realize all of that fell under the catergory of perfectionism. It's interesting that it said consulting is a good career for us because I have been thinking about going into some sort of consulting career after college.

I'm glad that perfectionism has these positive aspects.
I appreciate all this information- I can see you have gone deep into this ;)

I definitely have a few certain subjects that I go deep into as well. this is interesting stuff for me to start looking into!- maybe i'll go deep into this one too :p

thank you!
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