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Hey people
i'm 18 years, yes this mean i'm not teen anymore, and i will begin to start my own career

I want to be artist & musican, or a politican
will you see my mbti type is (ISFP)!!, yes this mean i love the art
since my early teenage years i was interest in the politics, i have some skills that help me to be a good politican like the oratory. write speeches, find solutions for the troubles

I need some of your advices people should i be an artist or politican
people maybe some of you will be suprised!, why i ask like those qusstions here?, I'm confident man and will choose my career by myself, but i need your advices

do you think it's hard for isfp to be a politican and not the normal career for this personality?

what do you think people should i focus on politics or art?, i love politics but is it the normal career for isfp?, thank you very much to give me your advices.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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