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What is the difference between feelings and emotions??

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... I am having trouble discerning.
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"How are you feeling" just means "what emotion are you experiencing". That person isn't asking you about sensory input like temperature.
What makes you think we don't have our own emotions? :mellow:

Of course we have our own emotions, Fe would mean more that we take the emotions of others into consideration before our own.
Okay, but if everyone experiences their own personal emotions I don't understand where they do or don't fit in with Fe and Fi. I can see how it could be Fi but that wouldn't make sense for Fe users not to have their own personal emotions. They can't always be feeling only what others feel, or can they?

I don't think Fe doesn't have emotions. I think they do, which is why I am confused. I thought that Fe was feeling the same emotions as other people and having emotions on an objective level, but apparently it is just taking others' feelings into consideration before your own, as you said?

I am just trying to see where emotions differ from feelings.
Feelings are expressions of emotions or input from the senses. Example, "I feel happy" and "I feel hot" are both feelings but, only the former comes from an emotion.
With the proper adjective.

Gotta love Ti. :tongue:
How do you describe something that is inherently self referential?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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