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I am curious of how being an Fi dom, aux Se manifests in a human. How do you guys interact with the world, what is your inner world like? What are the struggles of Fi? Just tell me everything, im all ears!!!

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It's a cliche but the world is beautiful! It sounds very corny but I like to find beautiful things in the everyday. From the colours and textures of clouds at sunrise, to the way the light catches in my cats eyes, the pretty steam rising from a hot drink, the raindrops on bare branches, the difference in light in summer vs winter or the city lights at night on my commute home. I'm an artist (not in occupation but in talents and outlook) and I like to 'capture' things and feelings. I think that's where my Fi comes in (it's difficult with a dominant function because so much of it is happening without me realizing). I like to decorate interiors to capture the feeling of a calm summers day, or use photography to capture the exact feeling and sensation of an autumnal woodland sunrise. My world entirely revolves around beauty and aesthetics (I will be the first to admit that yes, I can be a little shallow and vain!) but it's not about fake eyelashes and high heels. I think a beautiful thing about ISFPs is that we can still see the world in childlike wonder, really see the details rather than be focused on moving from one place to another on autopilot. Rather than be like 'oh it's a sunny day' it's like 'the sun is shining! Look how it illuminates each blade of grass, how warm it makes the concrete and how comforting is in on my skin'

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For me.. I use a lot of Fi and Ni, and Se is secondary after those.. and Te is.. well.. there.
I feel like my Fi and my Ni are one and the same.

The world IS magic.
People need not look any further than beyond the tip of their nose. The wonder of life is all around them.
Life is a miracle.. and a lot of people take the miracle of life for granted.
They forget that life is precious, life is sacred. and they hurt themselves and others as a result.
or they let themselves believe their lives have no meaning and live an empty life.

My Se side is what youre wondering about Im assuming?
Wellllll.. Im an adrenaline junkie, through and through. I am a competitive little squirt.
I like to live life on the edge. I like to spin around in circles until I fall down, then I laugh, get up and do it all over again.

I converse with animals and plants. Its magic. because you dont know how I do it. =)
or maybe it is just magic.

I live to stand on the edge of the world, looking down at the massive world below my feet.

There are tiny worlds all around you that no one seems to notice.
I am their protector.

The elements are my friends, although fire and I dont always see eye to eye. =)
and air is hit or miss with me for some odd reason? =P

Im an amazing swimmer, known for being good with cats, should probably be better at art considering how much I love it.

If you want to hear about Ni, ask my Ne side, and shell tell you all about it. ;P

Te.. Te just likes to be surrounded by smarty pants people. =/
Shut up Te. Im trying to be nice.

So anyway.. Te is.. my weird fascination. I want to learn everything I can. the world is my oyster.
Let there be enlightenment! =O

I love alcohol and parties and loud music. :kitteh:

I love and hate people.
I just cant seem to decide which I feel the most some days.

My Ni helps me pinpoint what I want to learn about.. and I.. just do.. these things just fall into my lap.

I could go on and on forever about Fi and Ni.

Se and Te though.. theyre simple.. loud when they want something, but they dont say as much as Fi and Ni.

One might think Im an idiot INFP who doesnt even know her cognitive functions and is getting Ne/Si and Se/Ni mixed up.
but I am and always have been ISFP. I just have VERY well developed Ni.
but Im still a Fi dom.
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