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I am a know-it-all professional vanologist who knows about Van McCann [lead singer of Catfish and the Bottlemen] probably way more than you do. I have had a huge crush on him for 1.5 years and crave every interview I can find.
I am also curious about his MBTI. In my opinion, he is an INTP.
His lyrics scream dominant Ti - accurately describing things as according to his complex internal logical frameworks and makes his own rules to live by. Combined with his auxiliary Ne, he is very witty and a tad eccentric thinks outside of the box and is very good at making connections. I can see the tertiary Si in by-the-book aesthetics and lyrical content, reflection of past experiences in interviews, and inferior Fe [as combined with Ti] manifested in his ambition to impress people. Other random stereotypical things that scream INTP, done extra research:
  • Seems to be introverted.
  • Dresses in black.
  • Dropout.
  • Very future-focused.
  • Believes in aliens [he once said in an interview].
  • If you look into the meaning of the song Pacifier, it's about death and his very objective attitude towards it [i.e. "death is death"]
  • Test tube baby 😂
What do you think?
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