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There are many things in which I learn about and many of them that I think I would be very good at if I truly applied myself and worked through the standard 10,000 hours needed for true mastery. All of these things however, do not truly excite me and they are all just a means to an end and not the end themselves. Psychology/sociology and things like that truly excite me and the 10,000 hours of work to be a true master does not seem like a daunting task but a fun filled adventure for me. I am not a master in these though but I do aim to be one and these are the ends themselves rather than a means. I wish to be like my heroes: L, Sherlock Holmes and Patrick Jane in these areas and to be better than them (yes I do understand that they are fictional characters but I'm still up to the task of trying to be better than them).

The basic thing is that I would like another area that would excite me to the same level and I want to find another area in which I could easily apply the work and the needed motivation to learn to a mastery like level in an additional field. I am looking for something that is not a means to an end but the end itself, just like psychology and everything that I think that belong in that category for me to master.

In the shower I was thinking something along the lines of something more physical, like mechanics and becoming more inventive as I have a passion for lightning which extends into electricity but I'm not sure if it would carry over to becoming an inventor. A secondary question I have is if anybody is in the business or hobby of tinkering with things and inventing new objects and why it is that you enjoy it so much.

The basic primary questions are these:

1) In what areas have you attained a mastery in or wish to attain a mastery in and why.

2) In what areas would you recommend me to look into and why.
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