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1) - Art, in drawing, sketching. I can sketch people (faces or figures, poses) fast. I have drawn/sketched way more than 10,000 hours but I'm not sure if I'm in mastery :D I paint sometimes and I can do acrylics. I hope I can be better at watercolor and acrylics. This is the only one area that I'm good at.

- Fixing things in your house and building things seems fun and fulfilling. Obviously I'm not in mastery of them and I don't feel like I want to master it, which sounds too much.

- I have learned a little bit of martial arts and wanna learn more.

- Wanna learn dancing some day.

- Dream of running a whole marathon several times. I guess being able to finish the whole thing is kind of a mastery, so.

- Oh speed-reading. I really want to be able to read faster.

- To master SPEAKING. Never good at that and guess what, that's a trouble.

- I want to be good at Critical thinking, analysis, writing, too. Learned those but I have no idea whether I'm good at it or not, and I have no idea how well you need to be to be considered good at these things.

- Want to be able to come up with ideas for writing stories and art in just a second.

- Want to master bunch of computer programs.

2) Art. I don't know. That's just my area and I love it. I think it makes you a better person.
How about some philosophy, ethics, politics, theories, etc?
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