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What is your dream lifestyle?

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Hello, Its Daey
& I'm coming back another thread,
This thread is about us as an INFP ''culture'' & different lifestyles or cultures we a community are into.
(I'm personally interested with all the future answers also.)So lets begin, shall we?

My choice of living would probably be perceived as ''non-traditional'' or ''non-conventional''; but it doesn't really
put a stain on my thought process because this truly a decision I came up with on my own. It didn't take me very long to figure out what type of lifestyle I wanted to lead, I believe this process came as naturally as it would anyone else. I was a born-minimalist. I first realized I was like this, when I thought ''money'' was the ''source of evil'' which isn't completely untrue.I valued more of my creative side rather than my ''realist'' side & sometimes that came with a few cons. I don't want to live in a house, I don't like the energy of a big house. It just doesn't feel right to me. (INFP's have to feel themselves to be authentic in every waking moment of their life) I would rather live in a small cabin in the woods, an apartment or an town house. Something small enough for me or two people. I don't want to be married, Yet I do have a desire to have children. I don't like marriage because I don't want to deal with the responsibility of another person, If you're confused about that, don't ask. What I am saying is I'd rather be responsible of my own child rather than someone elses. I want to live in the style of a bohemian/grunge/hippie. I really like what they stand for, they are so freeing & I like things that free the soul, symbolically. I am a very spiritual person, I believe in bad energy & always had.
I don't see myself attending any religious based associations. I'd rather just have a personal relationship with god and I. I want to talk to him on a personal level. I don't like being with other people, many may not understand that; but I don't expect them too. I really want to live a calm, tranquil and relaxing lifestyle. I've decided to move away from my family not because I don't like them; but I wanted to find a kindred spirit family of my own.
Very eager to see your comments.

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My preferred lifestyle is the 'yippy' lifestyle. When you adhere to this lifestyle you basically do whatever feels good. You wear what feels right, you decorate your environment in such a manner that it makes you feel happy and you ALWAYS follow your instincts when it comes to people.

Work: you put a lot of effort into your work. The yippy is commited & passionate. But when it comes to work you follow this rule => I work so I can live, I don't live so I can work. In the end your personal life is more important than your career. If your career is negatively influencing your personal life then the yippy will work less or look for a different career path.

Another important aspect of the yippy lifestyle is laziness. Every day there must be some time for yourself, one or two hours to laze about. Donuts may or may not be consumed during the lazy hours, that entirely depends on how easy one can acquire said donuts.

Yippie's travel a lot. They want to see the world AND they want to learn from all the different cultures on the planet. Learning. Also very important for a yippy. He or she is not obsessed with learning, not at all, but they are curious creatures and they will spent a a significant amount of time on doing research.

Lastly. The arts play a key role in a yippie's life. A yippy listens to music almost every day, he reads literature, poetry and once in a while he visits a museum. But paradoxically the yippy can also enjoy 'lowbrow' activities such as attending a sports event.

Thus one could say that yippie's are complex people, who are interested in & enjoy many different things, and that they just do/buy/wear/listen/read whatever the hell they want.
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