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What is your dream lifestyle?

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Hello, Its Daey
& I'm coming back another thread,
This thread is about us as an INFP ''culture'' & different lifestyles or cultures we a community are into.
(I'm personally interested with all the future answers also.)So lets begin, shall we?

My choice of living would probably be perceived as ''non-traditional'' or ''non-conventional''; but it doesn't really
put a stain on my thought process because this truly a decision I came up with on my own. It didn't take me very long to figure out what type of lifestyle I wanted to lead, I believe this process came as naturally as it would anyone else. I was a born-minimalist. I first realized I was like this, when I thought ''money'' was the ''source of evil'' which isn't completely untrue.I valued more of my creative side rather than my ''realist'' side & sometimes that came with a few cons. I don't want to live in a house, I don't like the energy of a big house. It just doesn't feel right to me. (INFP's have to feel themselves to be authentic in every waking moment of their life) I would rather live in a small cabin in the woods, an apartment or an town house. Something small enough for me or two people. I don't want to be married, Yet I do have a desire to have children. I don't like marriage because I don't want to deal with the responsibility of another person, If you're confused about that, don't ask. What I am saying is I'd rather be responsible of my own child rather than someone elses. I want to live in the style of a bohemian/grunge/hippie. I really like what they stand for, they are so freeing & I like things that free the soul, symbolically. I am a very spiritual person, I believe in bad energy & always had.
I don't see myself attending any religious based associations. I'd rather just have a personal relationship with god and I. I want to talk to him on a personal level. I don't like being with other people, many may not understand that; but I don't expect them too. I really want to live a calm, tranquil and relaxing lifestyle. I've decided to move away from my family not because I don't like them; but I wanted to find a kindred spirit family of my own.
Very eager to see your comments.

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Some variation of a bohemian lifestyle. Working with materials, wood for example, to create sculptures, furniture ect and sell. Living in a valley with CGI-like scenery with good human and animal company.
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