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Do you know your parents' MBTI types?
Do you think you have inherited traits from them? If so, what are they?
If you have any siblings, what kind of traits do they have in common with your parents?

My dad is an INTJ and mom is ESFP, older sister is ENTJ.
I think I got my emotionality and impulsiveness from my mom. She also appreciates many kinds of arts, loves painting and music like me. Nothing ever goes according to plans with her, her motto is loosely translated as "Decisions can be changed even before they are made". She's really outgoing, loves spending time with her friends and going to all sorts of art exhibitions and theatres.

My dad on the other hand is more introverted, he usually spends his time making research for his renewable energy company and studying history. He doesn't seem to stress about his presentations as a consultant, he knows what he's trying to say and how to say it, he's not there to make friends but be professional and get his points across.
I think I mostly got my introversion and quirky sense of humor from him. I'm also really laid back and accommodating like him, he doesn't start arguments even though my mom can be really "thorny" sometimes.

My sister is pretty much a mix of my parents, she's outgoing like my mom, but she's also really organized and intelligent like my dad. She moved out when she was 15 to study in another high school and has been successful, making her own living and going to become an entrepreneur when she finishes studying. She's really busy with her life and loves every moment of it, as long as everything is going as planned.

I guess that was a bit of a bloggy post to start a thread, but I'd like to know your experiences with sharing personality traits with your family too.

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Not good relationships between people in my family. The only good one was probably between me and my mom. My parents were working all the time when I was a kid, and my brother lived somewhere else at that time. There's not much fun, not much outdoor activities, or family days or things like that in my childhood. The environment was very J like, structured, scheduled, not-flexible, and kinda cold as well.

My dad is probably an xNTx, most likely ENTJ, my mom ISxx, older brother ESxP.

My father is a pretty horrible husband and parent, but a great friend to have. The marriage was and is disastrous. When I was a kid, he was THE authority at home that no one can challenge, also quite short-tempered and abusive and can turn reaaaally mean and scary and make it like a apocalypse for us. He hated cry-baby and undisciplined kids, which was probably the reason why I always disciplined myself. I was way more close to my mom than my dad. I actually hate him as a child.

But he is a very wise and intelligent person, and actually a good-natured man. As I grow up and become more mature/intelligent, we start to understand and agree with each other more. He understands my bigger decision and thought as an adult. I think I do share some similar personality traits with him, in a subtle way that I haven't realized until recently. Because I have grown up, he can't really control me now as before, which is the best part.

He has tons of friends, very talkative, and energized when it comes to one of his few topics of interest. He doesn't talk much at home, and mostly watch the news/politics/history channel, or read books. That's why I am not really sure if he is an E or I, because he display the traits of both.

My mom likes to confess different things to me. She suffered from depression because of the unhappy marriage. We understand each other a lot, but still I am not sure about her type. (ISxx) I wanna say ISxJ, but I really don't understand Si, so I can't say for sure. She is very reserved and has few friends. She likes to keep things going and make sure that things needed to be done are done on time or early, while I always procrastinate and not finishing things until the last minute. Other time she is laid-back, probably because of her age as well. She thinks I am a boring person, though.

My brother is an obvious ESxP who hates my father's authoritative behavior. We are very different from each other. He is very fun, outgoing, and has lots of friends. He likes to travel and not working very hard, which is something my father complains about because he was a workaholic when he was young. My brother doesn't care about his parents very much, it seems.
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I think that trying to type one's parents is fraught with peril. As a child, we only see the child's side of our parents, which isn't what/who they really are, but what they are towards us. Also, many parents, between work and home are so stressed out all the time, that I wonder how many of us are _living_ in the grip of our inferior function. I know that if you had asked my kids a few years ago to read a description of ISFP and ask them if that described me, they would have told you no. It took me a long time to see how much stress I lived under, and how badly I was at managing it. And it didn't do my family any good either. I'm glad I discovered that this was happening, though, and did something about it. Keeping that in mind, looking at my own parents, and trying to remember my own childhood, I realize that I don't really know what they are like as genuine people, apart from their relationship to me as their child. I don't think I could type them accurately at all... I just don't trust myself to get it right. Of course, I have the same reluctance regarding my siblings as well. In fact, after watching two of my kids go off to college, I wonder if I may not be typing my youngest two properly--while they are at home, they are one person, but another outside the home and family entirely. Actually, it's not all that crazy, but we can see the difference.

That's my perspective... but for my kids, I would guess ENTJ, INFJ, ENFJ and ENXX (FP or SP, possibly, but maybe ENTJ or even INTJ--she's really too young). My wife is INTP

Just for the record, ENTJs are supposedly our dual, and with whom we get along best. I don't know, but my son and I do seem to talk and think on a different wavelength. It's weird... But I'm the only one who can tell him certain things and he listens to. I used to think that it was because I was just his father, but now I suspect that he actually understands my explanations/motivations better than when others tell him things... and I've rambled enough...

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My mom is an ENFJ and my dad is an ISTP.

My personality is mostly like my dad´s, we´re pretty similar, but my interests are more like my mom´s. For example, music, languages.....humanities in general. My dad´s interests are typical for an ISTP, mechanical and technical, that doesn´t really interest me.

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Wow..interesting @spoo93. Everyone in your family has all the same functions.

I have a somewhat large family consisting of mostly SPs. Two parents and six siblings including me is seven. Even though it's a large family it's still pretty lonely. We dont all live together. Three of them I have still yet to figure out their types.
Mother: ESFJ
Father: ISTP
Oldest sister: unknown
Second oldest sister: ESFP
Older brother: ESTP
Third oldest sister: unknown
Younger sister: ISTP??
Youngest sister: unknown

I don't think I've inhereted any traits from my mom except that were both impulsive. She will start cleaning in a heartbeat or doing whatever she thinks needs be done if things got even a tiny bit dirty or smelly. I will start walking around the house and eating as soon as a get a tiny bit hungry only because there's nothing to do and I'd rather have a turantula lay eggs in my ears than hang out with my friends every night. My dad and I are very much alike. He indulges in the senses. Used to be a smoker (cigarettes). Still drinks..alot. Very kind, very laid back. I used to smoke (not cigarettes, weed) alot, now i just drink. Not much else in common on a superficial level. Oldest Sis (unknown) is a workaholic but also loves to go clubbing and for some reason refuses to drink liquor. Second oldest sis (ESFP) pretty much the stereotypical personality. Oldest brother (ESTP) always out. Only comes home to sleep and eat. I think I'm the only one he enjoys being around but I on the other don't enjoy his company for many reasons. Third Oldest sis (unknown) Shes very in her head but she can be very sensory and superficial as well. We used to get along great. She has two kids now, a female ESTJ (i think) and a male ESTP. Then after her is me the ISFP. My younger sister I think is an ISTP. Shes okay I guess. Then the youngest is unknown. Shes very competitive though, spoiled, impulsive, and loves junk food.

Idk their ages. Everyone in my family's a heavy drinker except the youngest (of course), the oldest sister (she might be an SJ due to other reasons..still not convinced though), and my mother (ESFJ).

I'm not very close to anyone in my family anymore. Dont have much in common with the girls. The guys just do their own thing. My dad talks quite a bit in general. My brother and I dont, at least, not to each other. They're both into mechanics. I'm into many things but one of them isn't mechanics.

It's mostly a sensory (SP) family but I think I'm the one who reflects on psychology, criminal minds, and other things of cerebral involvement the most out of all of them yet at the same time I'm as sensor as you can get.

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I'm sad to hear about your father being abusive, I had a little similar problems with my mom a few years back. She had lots of work related stress and lost her father and ended up taking it out on us. She wasn't physically abusive, very mean though. Not even the nagging type, just outright rude. She has calmed down lately though and we've all grown to understand her better, my sister still has some arguments though because they are both very decisive but often have opposite opinions.

I see how people are very different with their kids and just "being themselves", you have to be a good role-model and teach them how to manage in life and be good people. Of course my view of my parents isn't really objective, but we have taken MBTI tests on some group training thing my mom booked us up for and my dad and sister got interested in the theories.
Since then my sister and dad have taken the test multiple times, mom refused to do so but she did get that ESFP on the first time and I think it fits her pretty well.
My dad is really interested in mathematical stuff too, mom is more into helping people and appreciating arts.
Yeah, I am pretty sure about my own, my dad's and my sister's types. I'm sure personalities aren't that straight-forward as to just be inherited from parents to kids, I guess it just randomly happened this way.

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Brothers: INTJ & ESTP
Sister: ESTP (I think, but it's hard to tell because she's still pretty young. She might be an ISTP)

Living in a family of only thinkers can be tough sometimes (especially when my brothers are at home). I won't go more into that, but on the bright side, it's helped me grow some skin and be a little more logical when logic is needed.

My dad loves routine and doesn't like it when it's disturbed. He performs the same job everyday, cycles the food he cooks, and does pretty much the same thing as he has ever since I was little. He gets stressed out easily and thinks of all theses awful, unrealistic possibilities (Ne coming out during stress). I find him very dependable, and it's good for me to have some kind of routine, even if it can be a little boring.

My mom is a really well developed ENTJ - she's task focused and constantly trying to figure out the most efficient way to do things, but she has good use of Fi, even thought she still has a tough time with emotions. I think she regards emotions (especially negative ones) as hindering most of the time, unless they're called upon during a time when they're specifically supposed to be used (otherwise it can go: strong negative emotion > she doesn't like it and tries to suppress it > it explodes). We've become closer recently, which is good for me because I'm at a point where I've transitioned out of some relationships that just weren't working. I'm happy we're close because we balance each other out really well.

INTJ brother: he's at a point where he's becoming okay at using Fi, which I'm glad because we did not relate at all while he lived at home. It's like we were speaking two different languages, and we still don't have much in common. He can use Se in really immature and dangerous ways, which led him to get into an accident on his motorcycle. He's fine as a person, but it seems to me that he needs to be more considerate of the things he does.

ESTP brother: we're what people would consider "good friends", but he can be controlling, unnecessarily cause friction, and critical (my three least favorite qualities in a person), mostly due to poor Fe use. I appreciate him, but I can't be around him for too long.

ESTP sister: we usually have a pretty good vibe and we're sorta close, but we mostly like each other for the fact that neither tries to control the other.

Btw, each person is self-tested.

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My dad is an infp and my mom is an esfp. My dad hates conflict so much that he will hurt others to avoid it, and my mom has to talk about everything and sees no conflict in discussing issues. About 3 years ago (my freshman year of highschool) they split up, I guess due to their polar opposite personalities. My sister is also an esfp, but still has traits of my dads personality. I received my introversion from my dad, but am very different from every member of my family. My dad is extremely negative, and easily judges others. He also loves to theorize and think abstractly about worldly issues which irks me to no end. My sister has been gone in college for about 4 years so I have not really gotten the chance to observe her personality traits. My mom doesn't like to theorize, but has no public shame in voicing whatever she is thinking or feeling.
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