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What is your favorite element?

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What is your favorite element on the modern periodic table? I was wondering if there was a correlation between MBTI types and their favorite elements. That is if there is any small or noticeable influence between the two.

I would greatly prefer if you did answer, to explain why it is your favorite element. More detail in your answer helps me and others why you like the element.

My expectation is there may possibly be a relation between the properties of element, name of the element, and/or special applications that element possesses.

*If you have multiple elements that you are fond of, please post them.

For me I have two favorite elements: Iridium and Xenon.

I am fond of Iridium for multiple reasons. One reason is that it is the second densest element on the periodic table. Another is that it is one of the most rare elements on Earth. Next, it is the most corrosive-resistance metal. Finally, it's name is from the word iridescent, which means luminous colors that change when viewed at a different angle.

Xenon I like main because of the color the gas emits when the particles are excited by electricity. Also, because of being a noble gas, it rarely reacts chemically with any other element. Also, it is used in nuclear reactors and ion propulsion engines. Lastly it is used as an anesthetics to pass the blood-brain barrier.
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I am quite pleasantly suprised to find this isn't about fire water wind and earth. thank you for that :D

unfortnately I can't offer much of an answer to this intriguing question because I'm not familiar enough with the different elements to really make an informed choice. at best I could choose one that I liked the letters/sound of but it would be a rather random choice I think. I could only honestly answer after extensive research, because I hate to make a choice without thoroughly knowing all my options.
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