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I am interested to know what people’s various occupational paths have been

This could be listing previous childhood dreams, whether they came true or not
School Studies and Whether you’re a current student and if you changed majors or what may be
If you had a plan or if something evolved or presented itself
Or maybe you’re not doing anything specific at this time where you thought but want to list things of interest
Maybe you have had various kinds of work and changed careers etc

My actual occupational interest currently is well, actually occupational services
I am in the early stages of fighting a business plan on well eventually servicing those needs as far as a company mission being both recreational & occupational health. Personally I find it the most effective strategy in behavior crisis and mental health area.

I have a heavy interest in operations in my industry which has ranged from various health care services and settings
Ranging from comprehensive medical care to crisis response and intervention

I used to be a full time wedding photographer and corporate traveling family photography. I actually shudder at the thought when most people even approach me in the last two years about photography. Truth be told so many bridezillas and deja vu of hallmark (yuck).

But I do like the skills and edge photography of large groups gave me to manage large groups, do consulting, create advertising and customized documents, and assist in event planning. As event planning has worked in conjunction with recreational and occupational health and hosting events etc.

I have worked a ton of service jobs on and off when needed to support myself. Been in university a few times with a few various interest. Also put my camera and editing knowledge to use at various points doing web camming random for extra dough at different times.

One thing I was in charge of earlier as a coordinator was food coordinated services I can cook and manage and delegate it but it is kinda like photography something I can do but little interest. Outside when the moment moves me.

My university focuses and interests ranged and changed over years of on and off studies. From mass communications/business minor, community studies, criminal justice, and physical therapy pre reqs

Anyways everyone share at your leisure

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I have always wanted to own my own business, and made various attempts over the years to achieve that goal, but never hit on anything that could hold my interest long enough to be successful.

As far as school goes, again I began by pursuing a course of study that would lead me to what I thought would be my dream job, but in the long run it didn't hold my interest and, honestly, I didn't put enough research and thought into it to begin with. Impulsive. I ended up taking the path of least resistance and got a degree in something that I knew I could ace without much effort. The degree itself isn't worth much though, and I've never used it.

As far as my career, I've pretty much stayed in the same career since graduating high school and college. Legal assistant. The job doesn't suit me at all, but having been raised by J types (ISTJ and INFJ), they instilled in me an appreciation for stability, which is definitely a good thing.

Currently, I have a stable job as a legal assistant but am working on the side to build up my food blog to be a source of full-time income. Food blogging is the one thing I have done that consistently holds my interest. I started the blog back in 2015, let it go dormant for three years while I tried other things to make money but eventually realized how much I enjoyed it so I went back to it.

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Unemployment sounds good.

If that doesn't work. Studying gene's and how people turn out in their environment.
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